Horizon Honors Secondary School

Grades: 7-12 

The Eagles’ Call:
Call - “It’s A Great Day To Be An Eagle!”
Response - “Always Is!” 

Horizon Honors Middle School (7-8) – 280
Horizon Honors High School (9-12) – 425

Teacher to Student Ratio: 1 to 20 

Recent Accolades:

Horizon Honors Secondary School provides a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum in a nurturing, small-school environment. Students are held to high academic standards and are offered an integrated approach that involves solving real-life problems through cooperative, thematic, hands-on/minds-on experiences so they may understand how their classes, like life, are linked together.

Horizon Honors’ curriculum incorporates the standards adopted by the Arizona Department of Education. Students are expected to achieve beyond these standards in all content areas including the development of skills in critical thinking, creative thinking, and character building. The honors curriculum is designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, is evidence based, is aligned with college and career expectations, and includes rigorous content and skills reflecting the knowledge that young people need for success. Horizon Honors aligns with the National Collegiate Honors Council’s expectations for university honors course pedagogy.

  • Advanced Placement Courses (AP) may begin as early as freshman year.
  • Dual Enrollment Courses are offered for university credit in qualifying courses.
  • Grades 7-10 attend Scholastic Lab class to receive ILP goal assistance, improve study skills, and provide tools for future success.
  • Electives are available in a wide range of studies, including Culinary Arts, Forensics, and Performing Arts.
  • Use of technology and digital resources are integrated into every course.
  • Students are provided comprehensive College & Career Counseling. The focus is on academic, career, personal, and social development.
  • Student support sessions with teachers are offered after school three days a week.

Dual Enrollment:
Horizon Honors offers dual enrollment classes through Trine University. Students earn college and high school credit for the same class with their Horizon Honors teacher. To be eligible for Dual Enrollment courses, you must have passed all prerequisites, be a sophomore or older, have a 3.0 overall grade point average, and counselor recommendation. Dual credit classes require the payment of tuition to the university and the purchasing of your own textbooks from a vendor of your choice.

Scholastic Lab:
Scholastic Lab provides students with valuable time within the school day to complete assigned work. Not only is the block used as a study time for students, but also as a time when teachers can and do a great deal to directly impact students in a positive way, both with one to one contact and with small short lessons designed to help students develop positive study habits, and provide them with “big picture” realizations about the direction of their education and what it means to their futures. Students have access to the Arizona Career Information System (AZCIS) and the College Board websites providing them with tools to make informed choices for their future, plan and study for ACTs and SATs, and help them with college and career planning.


Homework at Horizon Honors is not viewed as a separate activity and is designed to increase in complexity over the high school experience. Students are assigned projects/assignments that will require varying levels of time and energy. The focus is age and course appropriate. Reflecting real life, Horizon Honors uses homework to help students develop the ability to organize, manage their time, and meet deadlines. You can expect to see regular assignments in core subject areas that build upon the mastery of previous skills. You should expect homework on weekends as well as during the week. Dual enrollment or AP courses may require homework over school breaks, including summer break.