Middle School Activities

National Junior Honor Society Members
A wide range of clubs and leadership opportunities are available at all grade levels.

Listings are subject to change. Please contact the Horizon Honors Secondary School Office at 480-659-3000 or the sponsor(s) listed below for organization details.

Anime & Manga Club This club will focus on watching and discussing anime such as Orange - A slice-of-life anime whose concept is about a woman sending letters to her younger self ten years in the past. Squid Girl - A comedy anime about a ‘squid girl’ who comes to the surface to take over the world, but has a few troubles with the locals. Ouran High School Host Club - A light-hearted shoujo anime about a ‘commoner’ who has to pay off debt with over-the-top rich boys. Ms. McKinney  7th- 12th Grade Blue Thursdays @ Lunch Room 217 
Artistic Photography Club
The Artistic Photography Club is for middle school students who want to express themselves through photography and photo editing.
 Becca Jennings 7th-8th Grade Fridays @ 3:00pm  Room 115
Baking Club The Baking Club is for those who enjoy baking tasty foods and hanging out with friends. $20 Club Dues per semester.  Mrs. Barden 7th-8th Grade
Room 216 or Kitchen (varies)
Band Council Band Council is comprised of elected members from Symphonic Band. The function of the Band Council is to support the band program through leadership, fundraisers, social activities and service activities. Mr. Adam 7th- 12th Grade Silver Fridays @ Lunch Band Room
Choir Council Choir Council is comprised of members from Cantabile Honors Chorale. The goal of Choir Council is to support the choir program through fundraisers, social activities, performance opportunities, and festivals. The students organize fundraisers which have included singing the National Anthem at the Suns game, selling poinsettias at the December concerts, and the Spring Fling karaoke booth. The council also has worked on creating new and exciting social events outside of the school day like flashlight pizza party and caroling at Zoolights. Mrs. VanderLey 7th- 12th Grade Blue Fridays @ Lunch Choir Room
FCA - Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an interdenominational Christian group completely initiated and led by Horizon Honors students. The goal is to use the powerful medium of athletics to positively impact the world. FCA focuses on serving local communities by sponsoring many outreach events on and off the campus. The values established by this national organization are: Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence. Mrs. Cavaleri 7th- 12th Grade Silver Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 208
Fiber Arts Club Do you knit or crochet, or would you like to learn? Fiber Arts Club is the place for you! This club's goal is to help people learn, develop, and practice their skills with many types of fiber arts, including knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, and kumihimo. We also use our skills to make items such as hats and scarves to donate to various groups. Ms. Hensel 7th- 12th Grade Blue Mondays @ Lunch Room 104
Harry Potter Club We play Muggle Quidditch, make butterbeer, have classes, and live the life of Harry Potter. Experience potions class, divination, the care and keeping of magical creatures, and more! Join anytime and get sorted, explore fan fiction theories, and be the best at quidditch! Mrs. Driggs 7th-8th Grade Tuesdays 2:35-3:30 Room 102
Kindness Krew  Are you looking for a way to give back to your school community?  Come join our Kindness Krew, sponsored by the No Place for Hate Coalition. Mrs. Wallace 7th- 12th grade Thursdays @ Lunch Room 127
Middle School Gamers Club The Gamers Club is for those who enjoy playing trading card games and board games. We welcome any students who enjoy a friendly game and a healthy and competitive atmosphere. Come and have fun! Miss Davis 7th- 8th Grade Blue Wednesdays after school 2:30- 3:30 p.m. Room 107
NJHS -National Junior Honor Society This organization promotes the recognition of students who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service. Its purpose is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship among middle school students. Ms. Di Chiara 7th- 8th Grade Silver Tuesdays @ Lunch for All
Silver Fridays @ Lunch for Leadership
Room 204
No Place For Hate Coalition Students work with members of the HCLC community to maintain an annual No Place for Hate® designation, sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League, at Horizon Honors High School. Each year a student-led coalition, comprised of members from all the student clubs, plans and implements activities that promote a safe learning environment, encourage respect among all students, honor our diversity, and continue to uphold the Horizon Honors values campus wide. Mrs. Britt & Mrs. Wood 7th- 12th Grade 4th Thursday of the Month @ Lunch Room 127
Origami Club  Students work together to explore the Japanese art of paper folding.  Students work at all levels from beginner to advanced challenges.  Meetings often include student leaders presenting new designs to the club.  No experience needed to come and give this art form a try.  Mrs. Cochrane  7th-12th Grade  Mondays after school 2:30-3:30  Room 206
POE Protecting Our Environment Protecting Our Environment club was created by students who care about recycling, reusing, and repurposing as many products as possible. Activities include textile drives, recycling cans and bottles and increasing the awareness of everyone on our campus about the need to recycle. Possible field trips include the Biosphere and the Phoenix Recycling Plant. Volunteer hours are available to students who participate in the various activities. Mr. Huber 7th- 12th Grade Blue Tuesdays @ Lunch Room 111
Project Group 2.0 Club Project Group 2.0 takes the concepts of Project Group to a new level. The group’s interests drive the projects and typically focus around the blend of science, art, and engineering. Come explore some of your passions. Mr. Skaggs 7th- 8th Grade Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm Room 415
Radio Club Radio Club is an awesome club for students who love music and love sharing their love of music. This is a middle school club mentored by high school club alumni. Students learn how to operate audio equipment, create music playlists and DJ school events and lunchtime music. The club meets once a week to train and practice. We welcome all types of music lovers. Mrs. Wagner 7th- 8th Grade Fridays 2:30- 3:15 p.m. Room 202
Scooter Club Scooter Club will travel to Pecos park every Friday to practice and learn new tricks. The students are there to push each other further and make each other better through activities, games, and skill sessions. The club is student centered and student driven. *possible field trips to neighborhood skate parks*  Mr. Murawsky  7th- 8th Grade Fridays 3:00pm  Meet in Gym Lobby
StuCo Student Council Members of Student Council are to be role models for student behavior, leadership, and service. Student Council members are expected to be a positive force in the classroom and model behavior that upholds Horizon Honors leadership expectations. Student Council members are involved in fundraising to support Middle School socials and events such as pep rallies, as well as community projects. Members are also expected to participate in community service projects throughout the school year. The council members are elected in August each school year. Ms. Davis & Mrs. Wood 7th- 8th Grade Silver Wednesdays After School 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. Room 107 & 108
 Travel Club Horizon Honors is excited to offer a variety of educational travel opportunities. These opportunities not only enhance a students education, but create life experiences which build self-confidence. Travel awakens the senses and mind to different cultures, people, languages, and experiences. Trips will vary by year and include a variety of opportunities including language immersion, service learning, and hand-on workshops or training. Through these experiences students enhance their knowledge of history, language, art, architecture, theatre, literature, science, and culture while navigating the cities and locations natinally, making friends, and having life experiences that create unforgettable memories. Club members participate in pre-travel education and exercises to prepare for the specific trip and record on-trip reflections that recount each day's adventures to the Horizon Honors community via Facebook. Miss Davis, Ms. McKinney, & Mrs. Wood 7th- 8th Grade When Scheduled: Silver Thursdays @ Lunch Rooms Vary By Trip