Please note that Horizon Honors is not responsible for fraudulent scholarship opportunities. Be cautious when researching scholarships and be wary of any scholarship that requires payment and/or a social security number.

Sponsor Amount Deadline Description and Requirements
Arizona State University Varies Varies ASU lists of scholarships. Includes a link to the Scholarship estimator.
Grand Canyon University Varies Varies GCU lists of scholarships
Northern Arizona University Varies Varies NAU lists of scholarships
University of Arizona Scholarships Varies Varies UA lists of scholarships
AmericanMuscle Student Scholarship  $2000  October 15, 2018 Information Here
AZ Foundation Varies Varies AZ Foundation lists of scholarships
Create Real Impact Scholarship
$1500 October 1, 2018 Information Here
Department of Defense SMART Scholarship Full
December 1,2018  Information Here
FIDM Varies Varies FIDM lists of scholarships
Harris Poll Scholarship  $1000 September 30,2018  Information Here
Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards $3500 October 15, 2018  Information Here
JLV College Counseling Varies Varies Lists by student disability
JLV College Counseling Varies Varies Lists of scholarships by grade or age.
JLV College Counseling Varies Varies Lists of scholarships by Major
JLV College Counseling Varies Varies Lists of athletic scholarships
Discover  $10,000 January 31, 2019 See website for eligibility
Distinguished Young Women of Arizona Scholarship Varies
Varies  Information Here
DoSomething Scholarships  Varies Varies  Information Here
Dorrance  Varies Varies $12,000 per year - need based.  See flyer for criteria
 Wendy's Scholarship  Varies  October 17, 2018  Information Here
Western Underground Exchange Program Instate tuition for out of state universities Varies per College If you are a resident of a WICHE state, you are eligible to request a reduced WUE tuition rate of 150% of the resident rate at more than 150 participating institutions in the West.
 ZipRecruiter Scholarship $3000  12/31/18 Information Here Varies Varies Comprehensive list of scholarships by school year, ethnicity, honors, military, race or unique situations.
Responsible Pest Control Scholarship $1000 12/15/18 Infomation Here
SP Scholarship  $10,000  September 30,2018   Information Here Varies Varies Comprehensive lists
The Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing Scholarship  $1000  12/15 of each year Information Here
The SEO & Content Marketing Scholarship $1000 12/15 of each year Information Here
VIP Scholarship
 $5000 September 30,2018   Information Here
YDI Scholarship  $1000  September 29,2018  Information Here
College Depot Varies Varies Comprehensive Lists
Career One Stop Varies Varies Lists of scholarships for high school students
Scholarships and Grants  Varies  Varies Comprehensive Lists
 JLV College  Varies September Deadlines Comprehensive Lists
 JVL College  Varies October Deadlines Comprehensive Lists
 JVL College  Varies November Deadlines Comprehensive Lists