High School Boys Basketball

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Photo of Chris HendersonCOACH HENDERSON                                          
I graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics- Secondary Education. I began coaching at Aprende Middle School in the Kyrene district in 2011. After only one year at Aprende, I took a math teaching job at Betty Fairfax High School in Laveen, AZ where I coached Freshman for one year and JV for three years while also assisting the varsity team. I took a year off of coaching when I began my Master's degree. When I heard that the Horizon Honors head coaching job was open, I could not resist applying, even though I was only halfway through my Master's. After a year of coaching at Horizon while still working at Fairfax, a math position opened at Horizon Honors that I was blessed enough to fill. I already live in Ahwatukee, so I feel that the job was meant to be. 

2018-2019 ROSTER

                                                PLAYER                                            POSITION  YEAR
#11   STEPHEN MCCOLLUM   / PG   / Senior
#12   MICHAEL KEELEN    PG   / Freshman
#14    ETHAN PACE    SG   / Senior
#15    ETHAN HURLBURT   /   C   / Junior
#22   AIZEN MCCOY   / F   / Senior
#23   JAKE JONES    SG   / Junior
#24   GABE KNIPPERS   /  SG   / Senior
#25   PAULO QUINTANA    PG   / Junior
#31   BEN BRADY    SG   / Sophomore
#32   CAMERON TARADASH   /  F   / Senior
#33   HARGUN SACHDEV   / F   / Senior
#42   QUINN COOK   / G   / Freshman
#44   ALEC BOWN    G   / Freshman


2018-2019 ROSTER

PLAYER                       POSITION              YEAR                   
MAX ASLABER  /   F   / Freshman
CADEN BAUER  /   F   / Sophomore
ALEC BOWN  /   PG/SG   / Freshman
QUINN COOK  /   SG   / Freshman
IAN DAY  /   SG   / Freshman
JOHN FERA   /   SG   / Sophomore
COREY HOLLOWAY  /   PG   / Freshman
KHAWAHY HOLLOWAY  /   F   / Junior
CASEY JOHNSON   /   F   / Sophomore
 NOAH KASAY   /   F   / Freshman
LUKE LEMME   /  C   / Sophomore
 JAXON MCNAUGHTON   /   F   / Freshman
MATT WILSON   /   G   / Freshman
MOHAMMED ZOURUB  /   F   / Sophomore