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shaheenWelcome to Horizon Honors Secondary School, home of the Eagles. It is my privilege to be your principal.  As I begin my 22nd year at Horizon Honors it has been important to me to reflect back on the philosophies that have inspired my dedication to this school and each one of you.  Horizon Honors has always had the goals: Learn, Believe, Dream, and Dare.  I took some time to focus on Dare and reflect on how it has been achieved by Horizon Honors students who have embraced and applied the values of integrity, loyalty, self-discipline, initiative, dedication, perseverance, respect for others, compassion, responsibility, involvement, truthfulness, trustworthiness, a strong work ethic and a sincere commitment to family and community.  Such admirable values!  I believe each and every one of you have strengths within this set of values and you can see them playing out in your daily life.  I also know that each of you will Dare to continue to develop and live by these values as you become a young adult of great character.  There is, however, a most important element missing.  

strength of character, determination, courage, internal toughness, indomitable spirit, stamina, nerve, heart, moral fiber, spunk, fortitude, resilience, guts, tenacity 

It’s that prodding nudge inside of you that keeps you going despite obstacles.  It’s what fires up within you to push you to persevere, to achieve a goal, to follow a passion, and to keep coming back day after day.  And it’s beyond the day to day; it’s about the weeks, the months, and the years of hard work necessary to achieve success.  Your dreams are on the other side of GRIT. 

This school year I challenge each of you to Get Gritty.  Choose to develop a keen sense of self-awareness that allows you to reflect on your thinking, speaking, and actions.  Demonstrate the dedication, tenacity, and resilience needed to develop GRIT.  There are no short cuts to Getting Gritty.  You produce the results you want in your life.  Become resilient.  Bounce back, grow, and thrive during challenges, changes, or stress.  Develop a Growth Mindset that says you are willing to keep working hard and when you achieve success, notice it and identify how you did it.  And do it again and again. Effort is everything!  

Go, Eagles!

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Mrs. Shaheen
Horizon Honors Secondary School Principal

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